About us

About us

Suindiatic jumps to the public in 2015, but it all started on January 22, 2012. That day I began to notice that the right side of my face did not respond. I had a facial paralysis. Things got complicated and after three days the virus caused me meningitis. By those then I had just returned from Mexico where I did my psychology practice. That same semester I had to finish the race, but with this "small" setback I spent months without being able to do much. When I had to be at home I bought a sewing machine and started to see how it worked. After breaking thousands of needles I was taking the trick.

That summer I had a wedding so I got my purse. From here I got the taste and kept making purses, bags, bags ... they were well received by my acquaintances and that encouraged me even more. I opened a blog (www.tusicomplements.blogspot.com) where I was hanging the things I did, but the truth, I had a little abandoned between the race, then pregnancy and already with the little girl even more.

With the arrival of my daughter I was looking for culottes for the stores and I did not find anything that I liked, so I made them myself. With this I was trying with baby clothes, a new world for me where I still have a lot to explore and that for now I love it!

Suindiatic was born to make known my love of sewing and that I have been developing for a while. You will find three sections. Suin & bags, born from my first steps in sewing, where I started making bags and purses. Suin & minis, was born as a result of the birth of my daughter and the frustrated search of culottes (covers diapers) that I would like. Suin & home, it was not planned, but one day looking for fabrics I found the ones that today make up the first collection and I could not resist.

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